With Ford Racing Performance Parts, you can always go directly to the factory to buy a block engine. Before the end of Windsor 5.0 production, Ford Racing ordered a delivery that would serve as a basis for its popular engines with M-6007-XB3M and XE3M arrays. The engines are rated at 345 and 340 hp. respectively. These are the new 5.0 short blocks with GT-40 aluminum heads and B303 or E303 camshaft rollers. The set includes ribbed aluminum valve covers and a water pump, but this pump is a reverse-rotation version for later serpentine belt models and should be replaced for vintage V-belt systems. Likewise, you will need to replace Fox’s body oil pan with an original Mustang.

As the move of the 347th Ford Racing, ref. M-6007-C347, you will receive a new Sportsman 5.0 block, Z304A aluminum manifolds, Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold, and 450 hp MSD dosing unit. Dimensions identical to the 289/302 outdoor units, the C347 drummer will fall into the Mustang 65-73. Wiki information

Ford Racing also offers 351 cars, starting with the M-6007-S58, a 5.8-liter car with low tank and cast iron heads from the Ford Marine Engine Program. D351ST of 385 hp is also available. with GT-40 aluminum headers and 392ci D392FT drummer with a power of 430 hp

For more information, visit the Ford Racing website at the 2006 Ford Racing Performance Parts Catalog, which you can purchase from any Ford Racing dealer. You can also call Technical Support at (586) 468-1356 for information on your vintage Mustang bag.








M-6007-XB3M New 5.0 GT-40 B303 None 345 $3,{{{850}}}
M-6007-XE3M New 5.0 GT-40 E303 None 340 $3,850
M-6007-Z50E Sportsman 5.0 Z304A E303 None 360 $5,495
M-6007-Z50Z Sportsman 5.0 Z304A Z303 None 390 $5,895
M-6007-C347 Sportsman 5.0 Z304A Roller Victor Jr. 450 $6,995
M-6007-S58 Marine 5.8 Cast-iron Roller Dual-plane 250 $2,895
M-6007-D351FT Sportsman 5.8 GT-40 Roller Victor Jr. 385 N/A
M-6007-D392FT Sportsman 5.8 GT-40 Roller Victor Jr. 430 N/A

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